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Finding a quality breeder

What should I ask?

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1. Can I see/meet the parents of this puppy?

2. Have the parents had any genetic testing?

3. Is the dog AKC registered?

4. Have the parents had any OFA testing?

5. Can I see where the puppies are raised?

6. Have any of the adults or puppies in your program had health problems?

7. Do you show your dogs?

What problems are common in French bulldogs?

1. Allergies with chronic skin infections and ear infections.

2. Heart murmurs

3. Patellar luxation


5. Brachycephalic Syndrome

6. Bladder stones

7. Aggressive temperaments

8. IBD/ Chronic GI issues

9. Attack and eat their young/puppies

10. Have to be bred by artificial insemination and deliver the puppies by c-section.

11. Typically have small litters and have one or more with cleft palates that may or may not be surgically repaired.

12. Deep corkscrew tails with tail fold and facial fold infections.

13. Cherry eye

14. Hemivertebrae

15. Entropion, distichiasis, and corneal ulcers

All frenchies do not have all of these problems. As a veterinarian, these are problems that I have seen in french bulldogs on numerous occasions. These are the problems I am trying to select against in my breeding program.

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What should I expect to pay for a French Bulldog?

Frenchie color chart.jpg

This little chart that I found online is a nice little summary of some frenchie colors and prices. If you find one that is cheaper, it is likely because the breeder didn't invest in the appropriate health testing. You will likely spend way more in the long run with vet bills from health problems than if you purchased a quality puppy to begin with.

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